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Building Your Emergency Department Practice Takes a True Partner

who we are

TruePartners Emergency Physicians (“TruePartners”) is a private emergency physician group formed in Wellington, Florida and headed by David Soria, MD, FAAEM.

The goal of TruePartners is to provide the highest quality emergency physician services through a physician group partnership model. The company recruits residency trained, board certified emergency physicians who understand that being a True Partners emergency physician means more than just showing up for your shift.

The opportunity to practice in a TruePartners Emergency Department is a privilege because you are an OWNER, not an employee. And with ownership comes expectations and obligations to your Emergency Department, your BUSINESS.

TruePartners believes the opportunity to implement their emergency physician group practice model in a hospital Emergency Department is a privilege that must never be taken for granted. We understand that in order to increase the volume of patients treated in our client hospitals Emergency Departments, we must create an environment where excellent patient care is delivered in an efficient system and patient satisfaction is second to no other Emergency Department in our client’s marketplace.

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why choose TruePartners

Our experience shows that the TruePartners physician group partnership model attracts those extraordinarily committed physicians with managerial experience who would not otherwise be interested if a partnership model were not available. They are the caliber of physicians that do not and would not work as employees; shift fillers for a large national contract group or staffing company. These organizations have the mentality that the emergency physicians work FOR THEM, and they attract the type of physician that would accept that.

TruePartners employs a 100% productivity-based compensation model which engages the individual providers in working toward greater departmental efficiency and customer satisfaction because of the direct relationship between satisfied customers, ED volume growth, and provider total compensation. Generating positive word of mouth will be the primary goal of every ED physician in a TruePartners practice. True Partners is constantly engaged in assisting its physicians to manage toward better patient throughput time, reduced diversions, and ED patient volume building initiatives.
TruePartners is committed to providing excellent patient care and utilizes a Patient Satisfaction Program which tracks and reports its providers’ patient satisfaction performance down to the individual provider level. A minimum of thirty (30) telephone surveys are completed on every physician and mid-level provider in the group every month. Aggregate satisfaction scores and trends are reported during the regular monthly meetings with the physicians and the hospital. Individual providers are incentivized to maximize their patient satisfaction scores as 30% of their quarterly bonus is dependent upon their scores. If the provider’s aggregate score ever falls below a “4.00”, on a scale of “1.00 to 5.00”, the provider does not participate in that quarter’s bonus pool.
TruePartners will not be satisfied in your Emergency Department until our organization is recognized as the best hospital-based physician group you have ever worked with. At True Partners, we understand the critical advantages a well-run ED provides a hospital.

TruePartners outsources a number of its business functions to R1, the leading provider of practice management services for independent emergency physician groups (www.r1rcm.com). R1 provides TruePartners the infrastructure necessary to meet the complex needs of our client hospitals. From business modeling to billing company oversight to data analytics, R1 has the leadership team and state-of-the-art practice management tools to meet the needs of even the most complex ED practice environments. And, unlike the business model utilized by the regional and national ED staffing groups, R1’s model provides for 100% of practice ownership remaining with the emergency physicians.
TruePartners understands that to make ongoing performance improvements in the Emergency Department, the ED Medical Director and the emergency physicians must work closely with ED nursing and hospital leadership. Nearly all Emergency Department issues or inefficiencies are multidisciplinary in nature. This realization has allowed us to create a MANDATORY ED Task Force for all hospital constituencies to become engaged in through a monthly meeting for departmental leaders. This powerful committee addresses all the Emergency Department sources of contention head on, developing real solutions and providing follow up to ensure implementation. This has proven to be extremely effective with our hospital partners. Is was a very effective tools when implementing our “Zero-Wait Process” by creating champions in all hospital departments.

TruePartners believes in providing programs that recognize and reward the hard work and outstanding performance of those that work sideby- side with them in the ED. TruePartners regularly reinvests profits from the company into: special events for EMS and RN week, social functions to promote staff cohesion and contributions of time and money to special programs and services of importance to our medical staff, hospital and ED partners.