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Questions about Your Bill

After you receive care in the Emergency Department you will receive different bills for your care:

Your Emergency Department Bill

Typically you will receive separate bills for the services provided by the hospital where you received medical treatment. Included in these bills will be one from our company for medical services rendered by the Emergency Physician who treated you. You can expect other departments within the hospital to send you bills if they treated you as well.

About your Emergency Department Bill

This bill is for services rendered by the Emergency Physicians, Physician Assistant and Nurse Practitioners who treated you during your time in the emergency department. They each specialize in diagnosing and treating the acute illness or injuries which brought you into the emergency department. In addition to diagnosing and treatment, each provider is responsible for referrals and discharging of all the patients seen in the Emergency Department.

How to Contact TruePartners Billing Department

For all emergency department billing inquiries please call: (800) 378-4134 or visit us at our website

If you have any other questions or concerns regarding your experience in the Emergency Department please visit our website and go to the tab listed Comments or Complaints send us a brief description stating your concern or issue, and one of our staff will contact you to discuss your experience.