Your True Partner in Emergency Department Business Development

Our Experience

Our experience shows that the TruePartners model attracts those physicians who have an extraordinary commitment to quality, efficiency, and patient satisfaction. They are the caliber of physicians that do not and would not work as shift fillers for a large national contract group or staffing company.


TruePartners physicians access provider dashboards, sophisticated data analytics and performance metrics. Web-based portal provides visual data for metrics such as patient satisfaction, productivity, chart documentation reviews analysis, patient callback support, E&M distribution, LOS analysis and many others.

Tracking quality improvement & risk management is paramount to the success of TruePartners physicians, and all of its client hospital groups as well.

100% Productivity

TruePartners employs a 100% productivity-based compensation model which engages the individual providers in working toward greater departmental efficiency and customer satisfaction because of the direct relationship between satisfied customers, ED volume growth, and provider total compensation. Generating positive word of mouth will be the primary goal of every ED physician in a TruePartners practice. TruePartners is constantly engaged in assisting its physicians to manage toward better patient throughput time, reduced diversions, and ED patient volume building initiatives.


TruePartners physicians engage in regular peer chart reviews that are scored and reports are provided back to the individual providers. Many high risk focused reviews are assessed, and a complete analysis is done at the group, facility and provider level.

Our physicians also use these chart reviews as an education tool for optimal documentation revenue capture.

Patient Satisfaction

TruePartners is committed to providing excellent patient care and utilizes a Patient Satisfaction Program which tracks and reports its providers’ patient satisfaction performance down to the individual provider level.

Aggregate satisfaction scores and trends are reported during the regular monthly meetings with the physicians and the hospital. Individual providers are incentivized to maximize their patient satisfaction scores as 30% of their quarterly bonus is dependent upon their scores.

Just a few examples of how TruePartners has invested in growing their ED practices:

We re-invest in our BUSINESS, just like we would if we owned our own restaurant in our own building. We do NOT expect hospital to take on all expenses to market and grow our volume. We invest in supplies, marketing, billboards, radio ads, print ads, IT, etc. partnering hospital and corporate marketing to shock and awe community as the leaders in Emergency Medicine.
Provide 100% Callback process with a Fulltime employee dedicated to calling every discharged patient back daily, with a feedback log. Any patient with a negative experience is called back daily by Medical Director.
TruePartners is an innovator in service delivery with examples being our “Zero Wait ED”, Physician Concierge Program, and Extended Concierge Programs.

Reducing wait times begins with a shortened registration process that may include bedside registration. Patients are quickly triaged -- evaluated to assess the severity of their illnesses and injuries -- then admitted to a room. There, they are examined by a healthcare provider and all lab work and radiology tests ordered. The hospital's electronic medical record system helps healthcare professionals expedite care.
The ER Smart Card provides access to important health information such as your blood type, allergies, medications, medical conditions, implanted devices, physicians, emergency contacts and special directives including organ donation.
Physician-to-Physician Concierge process which allows are referring physicians to call ONE number ANY time and speak directly to an ED doctor EVERY time. Eliminates the frustration of being put on hold, and has been very successful in improving medical staff satisfaction and VOLUME of referrals.
Have the ability to open a turn-key EDRx, in-house ED pharmacy to provide our patients with the “One Stop Shop” experience, again, improving loyalty of our patient base, eliminating competition.
A FastTrack for emergency department of minor injuries or illnesses — no appointment necessary, 24/7.
RN Appreciation Investments: RN week spa days, incentive dinners/outings, “Great Catch” Awards for exceptional performance, ED Holiday Party fully sponsored by TruePartners.